Lavender Wands

Sanctuary Lavender Farm

These aromatic lavender wands are relics from the Victorian times. Women would carry them around to stave off unpleasant smells of the city streets, hold them at social gatherings and keep them in wardrobes. Today, the wands have many uses, from keeping moths and insects away in drawers and closets, to providing a hit of aromatherapy by the bedside, in the car, or in the lavatory. Simply give the wand a squeeze to release the essential oils.

Our beautiful handcrafted wands are meticulously hand woven during harvest season and must be made when the lavender is fresh and full, which is only for a month or so in the summer. Each wand takes about an hour to create. We usually sell out of these each year, but don't worry-they will return every July/August!

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